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Last two decades have witnessed a sudden boom in the medical tourism industry. A majority of patients are now open to fly a thousand miles to seek medical treatment in countries such as India, Thailand, Dubai or Hungary. Out of them, a large percentage prefer to opt for one or the other value travel packages that lets them spend some leisure time, while getting medical treatment at the best hospital.

Leisure travel Package Designed as per your health

Travel & Explore During Medical Trip

The idea of travelling to another country or a different continent altogether for medical treatment was only a distant dream. People preferred to stay within the boundaries of their own states and countries. But the trend has changed drastically in the last 20 years.

Now thousands of patients not only travel to other countries to seek high quality and affordable medical treatment, but also indulge in a bit of leisure by opting for value travel packages. Such travel packages, also offered by OIS, are specially designed and crafted as per the needs of the medical tourist and gives them all the freedom to enjoy their stay at a foreign country than to just get treated and return back their home.

These packages, strategically tailored by OIS, do not interfere with the treatment or consultation schedule. While everything goes as planned for the treatment part, a few days of extra stay is included in the package to include a visit to the nearby scenic locations, historical places and natural wonders.

The following are some of the benefits of opting for value treatment package offered by OIS while seeking medical treatment in a country abroad:

  • Helps relieve pre-surgery anxiety
  • Facilitates cultural bonding
  • Promotes a fresh feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and calmness
  • Gives an opportunity to explore something exotic, amazing and worth seeing
  • Lets you collect memories worth a lifetime
  • Provides holistic experience of a foreign trip
  • Lets you save money worth a foreign vacation to some other destination

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Why Travel With Us?

  • 24X7 helpline
  • Visa, travel and hotel assistance
  • Planned to-and-fro leisure trip after first medical consultation
  • Medical assistance until full recovery
  • Online follow-up sessions after return to home country

Can medical treatment be really combined with leisure?

OIS offers value travel packages to patients who are scheduled to undergo a non-critical surgery or treatment that is not required to be conducted immediately. Some of these procedures include dental implants, gastric bypass, dental filling, teeth whitening and gingivectomy. 
Thus, medical treatment for non-critical procedures can be safely combined with leisure as the health of the patient will remain constant over the period of leisure trip. Moreover, utmost care is taking by the OIS to make sure that the patient returns back to the main city before the day of appointment with the doctor for medical or surgical treatment.

In addition, the patient receives a series of guidelines from the doctors before they leave the city for the trip. These guidelines and precautions helps the patient travel safely and enjoy their leisure outing. It also prevents them from doing something that may interfere with their treatment.

Moreover, OIS offers the following facilities that makes touring safe during treatment:

  • Pick-up and drop facility from hotel
  • Local mobile and internet connection
  • Guided tour of locations
  • Prior five-star hotel booking at destination
  • Breakfast and dinner facility at the hotel

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