Green Light Laser Prostatectomy

An enlarged prostate obstructs smooth bladder outflow. Green light laser prostatectomy helps relieve pressure on the urethra by removing the prostate tissues. Due to the laser lights, the excised tissues are mended before they can bleed and cause irritation in the bladder. Suitable candidates for green light laser Prostatectomy are those suffering from Transurethral Resection of the prostate.

Destination & Price

  • Dubai

    AED 57000 Onwards

  • India

    $ 6200 Onwards

Time Required

5 days


Green Light laser Prostratectomy is an alternative and less invasive technique used to remove bladder obstruction suffered by men due to an enlarged prostate. It is a new technology used for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). This type of laser rays use concentrated light to generate intense and precise heat for eradicating symptoms of BHP in the safest manner.

In contradiction to a traditional prostate surgery, green light prostratectomy procedure has many advantages and is considered very effective. The technology used during the procedure helps to scoop out the inside of the prostate with an electric loop with maximum accuracy.

The many advantages of green light prostratectomy involve less bleeding, rapid recovery, lower complications rate, lesser hospital stay, no electrolyte or metabolic complications, etc. The biggest plus point is the procedure can be performed on patients while they are on blood thinning medications.

The green light technology meticulously removes extra prostate tissues, thus relieving pressure on the urethra. The surgeons use a laser probe to vaporise the tissues with a type of green light energy.

Only the inside of your prostate gland is scooped out, keeping more than half of the gland intact, which indicates that the organ will grow back to its normal size over time. There is a very nominal bleeding during the surgery and no bladder irrigation is required. This suggests fewer side effects, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery.

Ideal candidates for green light laser Prostratectomy involve those who have a prostate volume more than 60cc, acute retention (unable to pass urine) and require laboratory analysis of prostate ‘’chippings’’.

The other reasons for getting a prostratectomy include:

  • Urge to urinate
  • Stopping suddenly while urinating and starting again
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Difficult in starting urination
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Feeling of not being able to empty the bladder
  • To stop recurring urinary tract infection
  • Bladder stones
  • Bladder or kidney damage
  • Blood in urine

Get prepared for green light laser Prostratectomy by listening to your doctor and following his advices.

Before the Treatment

  • Several days before the surgery, you have a thorough physical examination and X-rays to help your doctor evaluate the condition of your bladder.
  • Talk to your doctor regarding the medications you are on, according to which he will suggest which medicines to stop and those to start.
  • You may be asked to stop medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
  • Make sure you have made arrangement for the needful transportation services after the procedure and do bring someone to stay with your through the day and also take you home. It is very much important to have someone by your side, especially if you have a catheter in the bladder that will make you feel a little uneasy.

How it is performed

  • You are either given general anaesthesia to help you sleep through the procedure, or a spinal anaesthesia to let you stay conscious but not feel any pain during the operation.
  • A telescope is inserted through the penis that has an instrument in it that emits green light laser to vaporise the surplus tissues in the prostate.
  • Other instruments may be inserted through the telescope to cut and remove pieces of prostate tissues from inside of your bladder.
  • While the surgery is done, a catheter is attached to your bladder to allow drainage of urine from the bladder.
  • Once the procedure is over, the catheter is left in its place which stay for some days to help your urinate.


It is normal to experience swelling of the bladder for some time due to blockage of urine flow. After the catheter is removed, doctors want to know if you can urinate smoothly. If not, then the catheter is reinserted to help you heal. You will learn how to insert the catheter on your own and urinate normally.

Do not be afraid be if you see blood in urine for a few days to a week after the surgery. You might experience some urinary symptoms like the urge to urinate frequently. Inconsistence of holding urine can happen, but least to worry, all the symptoms will disappear in a few day’s time.

You may be discharged on the same day or are required to stay a night at the hospital after the procedure. The recovery time of green light laser prostratectomy is quick if you follow your doctor’s advices. Do refrain from strenuous and sexual activities for a couple of weeks. Do not forget to take medications like the prescribed antibiotics as suggested by your doctor.