South Korea is one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. The country is already known for its exotic tourism destinations, beautiful locations and delicious cuisine. But the recent boom in the medical tourism industry has impacted South Korea in a big way, with it emerging as one of the best medical tourism destinations in Asia.

The best hospitals in South Korea are equipped with the most advanced technology. The use of state'of'the'art technology and availability of highest quality of medical services in South Korea has made the country reach at the top of list of most popular countries in East Asia for medical tourism.

South Korea is known for affordable medical treatment. The country is especially known for offering highest quality of medical treatment for problems related to the spine and bones, many types of cancer and dental problems and procedures such as organ transplantation and cyberknife and robotic surgery.

A majority of patient travelling to the Republic of South Korea for medical treatment prefer to visit Seoul, the capital of the country. Seoul is one of the key players when it comes to medical tourism in South Korea.

Moreover, the patients who travel to South Korea for medical treatment should be rest assured of the fact that they are in safe hands when it comes to the doctors. The top doctors in South Korea are internationally accredited. In addition, each doctor who is a member of Korean Medical Association (KMA) is required to complete at least 12 credits worth of training each year. Thus, they keep themselves updated about what is new in the field of healthcare and medical treatment.

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Medical Tourism In South Korea

Medical tourism in South Korea became all the more popular after the implementation of the Hospital Evaluation Program under the Korean Medical Service Act. This program targets towards the holistic development of the hospitals.

As a part of this program, each hospital in South Korea with greater than 300 beds is assessed for its quality of medical treatment and services and overall patient satisfaction at a gap of every three years. This is done with the help of telephonic interviews and questionnaires. The main purpose of the assessment is to conduct onsite inspection, check for the satisfaction levels among patients and see how well hospital management functions.

Due to such rigorous monitoring, the best hospitals in South Korea have maintained highest quality of services. The extent of facilities and the use of technology and techniques in these hospitals is at par with any other multispeciality hospital in the world, including in the countries such the UK and the US.

After Japan and the US, Korea is the first country to have the maximum number of CT scan machines per million population. The same is true with respect to the number of MRI machines as well. The country stands ahead of other developed countries such as Germany, France and the UK.

The medical tourism sector in South Korea is supported by several medical facilitators and institutions who actively participate in implementing promotions to attract medical tourists to the country. Such facilitators are highly reliable as it is mandatory for them to first register themselves and comply to certain requirements listed in the Medical Service Act.

  • 23+ accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • 100+ private and public hospitals
  • Affordable cost of treatment
  • Houses one of the healthiest populations in the world
  • State'of'the'art treatment facilities and diagnostic services
  • Strict enforcement of health standards
  • No cases of medical malpractice
  • Use of the most innovative technology

Why Choose South Korea For Medical Tourism

Affordable Cost

A majority of treatments cost less than half in South Korea than what it costs in any other Western country, including the US.


Short Waiting Time

All major treatment facilities can be availed almost immediately or within a few hours of arrival.


Leisure Getaways

South Korea is home to several exotic beaches, mountain peaks, caves, historical sites and numerous cultural festivals.


Environmental Conservation

The government has put a large share of investment in keeping the nature at its best through rigorous nature conservation efforts.


FROM Leading Hospitals

  • Asan Medical Centre


  • Catholic Kwandong University,St Mary's Hospital


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    South Korea

Visa Process

Depending on the medical procedure that the patient is scheduled to undergo, he or she can stay in South Korea for up to a period of 180 days. However, they must submit the following documents to the consulate or embassy:

  • Passport
  • Application for visa
  • Passport'sized photographs
  • Specific financial documents
  • Proof of medical treatment from a registered medical facility
  • Registration certificate from medical facilitator or healthcare facility

US citizens do not need a visa to travel to South Korea for medical treatment. They can stay in the country for up to a period of 90 days. However, if they wish to stay longer, they would need a visa. Patients from other countries should first contact their local South Korean embassy to know more about medical visa requirements.

Is South Korea Safe For Tourists

South Korea is a country full of good, reliable and supportive people. Medical tourists who come to South Korea for medical treatment are bound to feel fascinated by the cultural practices of the country, the festivals it celebrates and the cuisine it serves.

South Korea is connected to all the major regions around the world through direct flights, including Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, US and Japan. Direct flights from these countries land the patient to the Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

The country itself is completely safe for medical tourists. South Korea has several reliable hotels that a medical tourist can directly access upon their arrival. The best hotels in South Korea are equipped with all the modern facilities that a visitor may need in a foreign land, including WiFi and internet facility, mobile connection and local travel assistance.

The country has one of the lowest crime rate in Eastern Asia.

Travel Tips

Before travelling to South Korea, the medical tourists should carefully search for the credentials of all the parties involved in the treatment procedures. These include doctors, the hospitals, the medical facilitator involved and the hotel that you will be staying with.

Be sure to inform the South Korean embassy or consulate about the legal permissions that you would need to enter the country and stay there comfortably. In addition, try to speak to the hospital and the hotel staff about providing a dedicated package that lasts for the entire duration of your visit. A majority of service providers offer attractive packages at good discounts that include cost of hotel stay and local transportation facility.

  • Talk to multiple medical facilitators or hospitals to fetch the best price.
  • Take a note of the climatic conditions in the country prior to arrival and pack the clothing accordingly.
  • While participating in leisure activities such as sightseeing and cultural festivals, consult the doctor about specific do's and dont's.
  • Contact the hospital or medical facilitator beforehand to plan an itinerary that best suits your needs and requirements.