Medical tourism in Poland is popular primarily because of the affordable cost of medical treatment, especially all dental procedures and plastic surgery among other. For example, the cost of hip replacement surgery in Poland is at least 50 to 60 percent less than what it costs in other countries.

The availability of highly qualified doctors who deliver almost 100 percent success rates when it comes to medical procedures and surgeries is one of the primary reasons why Poland nationals who have settled abroad prefer to come back to their own country. Moreover, patients from around the world prefer to come for medical treatment, especially for high quality and reasonably-priced dental treatment in Poland.

The medical tourism industry in Poland has particularly flourished after the Polish government’s attempt to promote this sector. The initiatives devised and executed by the government especially focus on patients from the eastern Europe, Germany and Scandinavia.

Poland is a small country located in the heart of the Europe. The country is known for highly affordable cost of medical treatment, cheap flights and hotel accommodation and exotic location accessed by thousands of tourists each year.

The best hospitals in Poland offer exclusive packages to medical tourists. These packages typically include the transfer of the patient from the airport to their accommodation near the hospital, transfer to the hospital, medical treatment and transfer back to the airport after completion of treatment.

The top clinics in Poland usually have separate apartments for medical tourists. The patient can comfortably stay in the apartment allotted by the clinic for the entire duration. Depending on the plan of the patient, special arrangements are also made for leisure purpose.

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Medical Tourism In Poland

The medical tourist industry in Poland has bloomed really well in the last few years. Many patients from across the world come to Poland for different medical procedures, especially those related to cosmetic surgery and dental treatment.

There are many medical facilitators in Poland that offer attractive packages to medical tourists coming from other countries. These packages often include the travelling cost, accommodation cost and the cost of medical treatment.

In addition, depending on the choice of the patient, these facilitators also offer several leisure packages that can be combined with medical treatment. Such packages often prove beneficial in terms of expenses, in case the patient is willing to explore the country after or before undergoing non-critical treatment procedure.

The country has already developed many high-profile hospitals equipped with latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery. The Polish government has big future plans to build many similar hospitals in the near future.

With the help of investments from several international healthcare providers, Poland has slowly carved a name for itself and has become one of the most popular healthcare tourism hubs in Europe.

A large percentage of the medical tourists in Poland come from the US, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Poland has world-class facilities, especially for affordable dental and infertility treatment. It is one country with the cheapest cost of treatment.

Dental treatment in Poland includes all major procedures involving the use of tooth implant, tooth veneers, tooth filling, crowns and dentures. Quality IVF treatment in Poland can be availed at just one-third the cost of what it costs in Britain.

Before coming to Poland for medical treatment, the patient can contact the Polish Association of Medical Tourism. It is a non-profit body that has collaborated with top hospitals in Poland, in addition to medical facilitators, insurance companies and other healthcare providers.

  • 1000+ hospitals across the country
  • State-of-the-art dental clinics
  • Extensive airline and rail network
  • 50 to 60 percent cost savings
  • Highly advanced medical technology and services
  • Highest quality of treatment in internationally recognized hospitals
  • Special accommodation arrangement

Why Choose Poland For Medical Tourism

High Quality of Treatment at Cheap Rates

Poland is known for offering highest quality of medical treatment at lowest possible cost.


Negligible Waiting Time

Abundant staff and extensive network of healthcare service providers ensure that the patient does not have to wait to fetch treatment.


Cultural Acceptance

Poland has stepped up the ladder of economically strong nations because of its cultural ties and acceptance towards other nationals.


Central Location

Poland is easily accessible, especially from the European countries because of its location on the world map.


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Visa Process

All medical tourists travelling to Poland for medical treatment are required to possess a valid visa and a passport, which is valid for at least six months after the date of visit of the tourist. A C-type Schengen visa is required for entry into Poland, which lasts for up to a period of 90 days.

The authorities award a limited territorial visa in case the medical tourist only plans to visit Poland. In case the duration of visit to the country is expected to be more than 90 days, a National D-type visa is required prior to the arrival into the country.

Medical tourists from a few countries are not required to possess a visa, but a valid passport at the time of entry. But the duration of their stay in the country should be less than 90 days. These countries include Austria, Singapore, UK, Mexico, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Costa Rica, New Zealand and the US.

There is nothing called a medical visa in Poland. A medical tourist interested in undergoing treatment in Poland can easily do so under Schengen visa. It is advised that you must contact the Polish consulate or embassy in your country for full information.

Is Poland Safe For Tourists

Poland, especially its capital Warsaw, is considered absolutely safe for medical tourists. Poland itself is a politically stable country. Moreover, the crime rates in the country is next to negligible. This is the major reason why tourists from around the world find it safe to visit Poland for purely leisure purposes.

When it comes to medical tourism, the situation is no different. The best hospitals in Poland make extensive arrangements for medical tourist travelling from any part of the world. These are taken care of and are provided assistance around the clock for entire duration of their stay in the country.

Poland is safe even when it comes to travelling diseases. There is no disease that you are likely to get upon your visit to the country, and therefore, no prior vaccination is required. There is probably no major language that the staff in any top hospital in Poland cannot speak. Therefore, you are not likely to face any trouble in communication as well d

Travel Tips

Each year, thousands of patients come to Poland for medical treatment, especially for obesity and dental treatment. Due to the its location on the world map, Poland is easily accessible from any country, especially the ones from the European Union.

It is important that you research about the country and its culture prior to your visit. It is possible that the cultural norms in your own country may not be acceptable in Poland, and therefore, you should try to avoid conduct such practices during your stay in the foreign country.

There are abundant hotel facilities available in the country. However, make sure to check the hotel reviews prior to your visit and ask the hospital authorities about the facilities that they will be providing.

  • Arrange for money in Poland currency or ask for money exchanger
  • If required, ask for an interpreter in advance if you think you will experience communication problem
  • Check the credentials of the hospital and the doctor before your visit just to cross check that your decision is right
  • Ask for local travel assistance from either the hotel or hospital
  • Keep all important documents safe
  • Carry a copy of passport and visa at all times